Described as a community activist, David Werdiger has a long history of involvement in communal affairs, with a particular focus on the Melbourne Jewish community.

He was a director of JewishCare from 1999-2007, seeing it through the merger of Jewish Community Services and Montefiore Homes, and was a founding chairman of the Jewish values committee, which established the core Jewish values that define and underpin the organization. Since leaving as a board member, he remains on the loan committee, which administers the largest interest-free loan service to the Melbourne community.

He is a founding director of Australian Jewish Funders, a philanthropic networking group.

He is a director of Lamdeni Hebrew School, a major provider of after-school Jewish education and recreation centre in Melbourne. Lamdeni gives students in Victoria’s state and independent schools the opportunity to receive a quality Jewish education.

He is founder and president of JBD – Jews of the Melbourne CBD which provides education, networking and social events to Jews working in and around the Melbourne CBD.

He administers the Werdiger family Jewish education grant scheme.

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