Orthodox Communities Struggle with Child Sex Abuse

Orthodox Jewish communities all over the world are struggling with the wave of child sex abuse allegations. This thought-experiment article considers the difference in attitudes to white-collar crimes and sexual abuse crimes committed by Orthodox Jews. Several themes are apparent, including the risks of false accusations, and the way sex abuse crimes in particular shatter traditional stereotypes. See Times of Israel, Jews Down Under, and J-Wire for the article.

Our culture of silence must change

What are cultural drivers within our community that stand as an impediment to us effectively dealing with domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and other social issues? On White Ribbon Day, this takes a look at how Orthodox Jewish attitudes and cultures are standing in the way of dealing with abuse, and how the problems we have covered up in the past only fester and get worse if we don’t deal with them. Read it at J-WireTimes of Israel, Jews Down Under, or Galus Australis.


AFL and the Jewish Community

Following an outstanding speech from AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou, this article talks about how the Jewish community leadership can learn from the AFL’s respect for and approach to community. The AFL are doing a lot of things right – using their reach to raise awareness on important community issues and recognizing that they are there to serve the community, not the other way around.